Industry News

Date : 2016-04-24

Source: The Hindu

The Garment and Textile Workers Union has demanded that the State government immediately withdraw all cases booked against garment workers during the violent protests in the city on April 18 and 19.

The union denied the accusation that garments workers were responsible for violent incidents, including the torching of many buses.

Date : 2016-04-13

Source: Al Arabiya English

Only 24 of nearly 700 clothing factories inspected in Bangladesh meet international safety standards, a group of major brands said Wednesday, three years after a deadly building collapse exposed the hazardous state of the nation's workplaces.

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, which was set up after the Rana Plaza disaster and represents North American apparel brands including Wal-Mart, said remediation work had been completed in 24 factories and was underway in hundreds of others.