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Date : 2018-02-26

Source:  innovationintextiles 

Directa Plus, a producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets, has announced the launch of two new textile collections containing the company’s Graphene Plus (G+) by Colmar, the high-end sports and activewear company, and Eurojersey, a producer of high quality warp-knit technical fabrics under its Sensitive Fabrics brand. Both collections were unveiled at ISPO 2018, the sport and sportswear international trade fair held in Munich.

Date : 2018-02-12

Source: innovationintextiles

DuPont Advanced Materials (DuPont) has announced the newest offering from DuPont Intexar – a powered smart clothing technology for on-body heating. Intexar Heat is a thin lightweight and durable heating solution for outdoor clothing that is designed to be easily integrated into garments.
DuPont highlighted Intexar Heat in partnership with the Formosa Taffeta Company (FTC) at the ISPO Munich trade show, which concluded in Munich, Germany, today.

Date : 2018-02-05

Source:  innovationintextiles

Osmotex, a Swiss-Norwegian research and development company, is showcasing a jacket with embedded electronic moisture management that allows you to sweat without feeling wet, featuring the company’s proprietary Hydro_Bot technology, at ISPO Munich this week.

Date : 2018-01-29

A team of researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) has created a highly sensitive soft capacitive sensor made of silicone and fabric that moves and flexes with the human body to unobtrusively and accurately detect movement.

Date : 2018-01-22

Source: innovationintextiles

An international research team led by scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas and Hanyang University in South Korea has developed high-tech yarns that generate electricity when they are stretched or twisted.

In a study published in the August issue of the journal Science, researchers describe twistron yarns and their possible applications, such as harvesting energy from the motion of ocean waves or from temperature fluctuations. When sewn into a shirt, these yarns served as a self-powered breathing monitor.

Date : 2018-01-15

source: innovationintextiles

Twinery, the innovation arm of MAS Holdings, has announced the launch of Nova –  the high visibility jacket with on-demand illumination, designed specifically for runners and outdoor enthusiasts.

Date : 2018-01-08

Source: innovationintextiles 

Scientists create stretchable battery made of fabric

A research team led by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York, has developed a textile-based, bacteria-powered biobattery that could one day be integrated into wearable electronics.

Date : 2018-01-02


Leading Italian knitted fabrics producer Eurojersey is inviting visitors to explore the potential and performing innovation of itsSensitive Fabrics at the ISPO Munich international trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion, which takes place from 28-31 January 2018.

Date : 2017-12-18

Source: innovationintextiles 

Cosmos Studio, a sustainable apparel start-up brand based in Hong Kong, is raising funds for the production of its new line of unisex shirts made with the lowest consumption of fresh water. The eco-friendly shirt production is powered by a newly invented colour diffusion technology that is said to make it 95% more eco-friendly, compared to any other apparel making process, according to the company.

Date : 2017-12-11

Source: innovativetextiles

From 16-18 January 2018 at the Kraftwerk Berlin, Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, as well as the new Messe Frankfurt conference, FashionSustain, and its mottoRun for Circularity, will show that clothing made of functional materials and accessories with outdoor appeal can be both fashionable and sustainable.