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Date : 2017-08-07

Source: fibre2fashion

DuPont’s Sorona team led a session on its comfort stretch fibre, as a replacement for Spandex, at the recent Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, which concluded last week in Salt Lake City, UT. Renee Henze, Marketing Director, DuPont Biomaterials and Sorona, stressed that stretch is an important attribute in multiple apparel applications, including performance sportswear, work wear and more casual athleisure clothing.

Date : 2017-07-31

Source: fibre2fashion

The Indian denim-wear market is currently facing an oversupply situation in the aftermath of the capacity expansion post-2011, which in turn was due to lower incubation after the demand for denim fabric picked up as a result of a recovery in the country's economy. India is now being looked upon by a number of global denim manufacturers as an emerging export region, owing to its high availability of cotton, quality standards, cost-effectiveness, and a large pool of skilled workforce. 

Date : 2017-07-24

Source: fibre2fashion

he textile mill segment now understands that by logical running a plant and by feeling the positive cross-ventilation effect in conditioned premises, they can comfort-process parameters to achieve around 10 per cent more productivity, says Ashok Senthuraman.

The textile mill now has increased production and production-related automation; so, heat rejection by machines is more and machines have less space in between to exhaust out hotter air. But they still run their old AC plants with obsolete practices without monitoring.

Date : 2017-07-17

Source: fibre2fashion

Lower lead time, eco-friendly and design flexibility are the major factors driving the growth of Digital textiles printing globally.

Date : 2017-07-10

Source: fibre2fashion

India remains the largest cotton producing and second-largest cotton exporting country for the second consecutive year, as per the ICAC statistics for March 2017. With a projected production of 5.97 million metric tonnes (MMT) in 2016-17, India is way ahead of China with 3.69 MMT. India produces roughly a fourth of the global cotton production of 22.69 MMT.

Date : 2017-07-03

Source: fibre2fashion

Foam dyeing and finishing of textiles has demonstrated as an economically very attractive technology to conserve energy. Foam finishing has a wide application on cotton, synthetic fibres and their blends. Senior industry consultant,CN Sivaramakrishnan, who has over 35 years' experience in wet processing and specialty chemicals manufacturing industries, explains why foam dyeing & finishing has caught the attention of the textile processing industry as a low add-on technique.

Date : 2017-06-26

Source: fibre2fashion

Clothing & Clothing Comfort

Date : 2017-06-19

Source:  innovationintextiles

In recent years there has been a steady increase in the demands made on the properties of function, sports and work wear textiles. In order to achieve a cooling effect, special textile constructions are developed, which increase the sweat evaporation and thus the cooling of the body.

Date : 2017-06-13

Source:  Fibre2Fashion

Recent years have been marked by an accelerated development of unconventional techniques in textile manufacturing. A common characteristic of those new technologies has been a partial or complete elimination of conventional operational practices like spinning, weaving, knitting, etc. One of the characteristic mark of the new product, which can't be identified by the criteria of conventional textiles, are their specific properties and end uses. Nonwoven product is one of them. A Fibre2Fashion overview of the global nonwovens market.

Date : 2017-06-05

Source: Innovationintextiles

As innovative materials for future applications took centre stage at the special Living in Space exhibition area at the event, the topic of sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions also dominated the trade show, evident both from the wide range of green products on display and from the Techtextil Symposium programme, discussing latest trends in technical textiles. 

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