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User Guide


Our Products

All our products are designed and manufactured to find both congruence with the global fashion trends and compatibility with the majority of fabric types and thickness. They are easy to apply, achieving optimum functionality and appearance. Our Technical Data details the instructions on how to properly apply our products on different garment fabrics. Contact us for receiving Technical Data.

The choice of garment accessories has been gaining weight under the dynamic market of garment fabrics. Please refer to our Products and Technical Service Handbook for the product selection, attaching machines FM-01, FM-02, FM-03 & fix dies, applicable fabric thickness, technical data and strength standards of our products in all series. If you encounter any difficulty with the application of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Sales Team and CS Team will be very delighted to serve you.

Product Applications

To obtain the best result during application, the Attaching Machine and Fix Dies must be set properly and accurately according to our technical data, in addition to purchasing the right products.

Attaching Machine:

Semi-Automatic & Automatic Attaching Machines are available, please refer to Introduction & Setting of Attaching Machine for more information. Our After-sales Customer Service team will pay monthly visit to customer’s factory to provide D&G Attaching Machine maintenance. An Attaching Machine Maintenance Record will be provided for customer’s reference after each visit. Contact us for receiving Attaching Machine Maintenance Record

Fix Dies:

Various specifications of Fix Dies are available, please refer to Specifications of Fix Dies for details. It is compulsory to use our Fix Dies when attaching our products. Contact us for receiving Specifications of Fix Dies.

Important Notes:

  1. No attachment should be made on single-layered fabric, unless folded, or a ring or interlining is added.
  2. No attachment should be made on uneven surface or thickness.
  3. “Marks” may be resulted on Snap Fasteners with relative dome cap after attachment, especially when there is logo or pattern. Customers should consider using a thicker cap, adding washer in the Cap or employing Duplicated Fix Dies.

Attachment should be made after Garment Wash.

Quality & Standard

Having granted the OekoTex-100 certificate, our internal control standard conforms to international environmental requirements. Please check out our Testing Methods & Standards for details.

The Separation Strength, Opening Force and Holding Strength of our products are able to fulfill the requirements of different designer Brands. Please refer to Technical Data for details.

If you have any special requirement, please feel free to contact our Sales Team for customized service.


All our products are applicable to different garment fabrics. Please follow the steps below in order to select the right products:

  1. Study our Products.
  2. Study our Technical Service Handbook.
  3. Measure the garment fabric thickness before product selection.
  4. Provide garment fabric for our Mockup test. Customers will receive the Product Performance Report and the original garment fabric attached with the testing products. The Report presents the technical data to our customers on attaching machine & fix dies settings for achieving optimum attachment. Contact us for receiving Product Performance Report.
  5. Customer should prepare the setting pinch according to our technical data. Fine adjustment may be required to achieve the optimum result.

Contact our Sales Team for assistance immediately when any problem arises during the attachment, Our CS Team will provide prompt assistance or, when necessary, pay a site-visit to prepare the setting pinch. A Customer Service Report with all the technical data provided, will be presented to our customer for approval. Contact us for receiving Customer Service Report.


The design, production, packaging and delivery of our products are strictly controlled by our Internal Quality Control System. They are expected to function properly under normal attaching procedures. If there is any attaching problem, please contact us immediately for our prompt assistance.
Under the following situations we shall take no responsibility of attachment failure:

  1. Garment fabric has not been provided for our Mockup test
  2. D&G Attaching Machine (if provided), or the specified one that our technician has set to record the technical data during site-visit was not used.
  3. Our Fix Dies were not used.
  4. Technical Data or Product Performance Report of the Mockup for pinch setting was not followed, or
  5. We have not visited the site for setting pinch.
  6. Technical data from our Customer Service Report on pinch setting was not followed.