China Graduate Fashion Week launches 3D metaverse fashion show

Submitted by admin on 15 August 2022


China Graduate Fashion Week joined hands with multinational AI company Heartdub along with other institutions to launch a special 3D fashion show – the East 3D Virtual Fashion Show. The theme of this special show was the ‘Zen of Circulation,’ and it featured various technological and oriental aesthetic elements via clothing and accessories.

The curved structure of the strips was used in the background of the show, combining ‘flower’, ‘wood’, ‘stone’, ‘water’, ‘leaf’, and other elements to express the Zen aesthetics of Chinese culture. In the concept of Zen, individual life and everything in the universe are in harmony and intercommunicating, and the concept of ‘Yuan’ is once again deeply addressed. The combination of the two forms a seamless integration of Chinese culture and the style of the Metaverse.

Complementing the technology scene, ten fully digital pieces of clothing were presented in virtual form with the support of Heartdub. Special crafts such as deconstruction, metal adornment, patchwork, cut-out, interlacing, tiering, ruching, slicing, Penrose diagram, and texture recreation, which originally appeared on the physical objects, were carefully polished in the process of calculating clothing materials, generating high-precision digital fabrics, and accurately restoring digital garments, to build a digital fashion design with reality and virtual and to expand the boundaries of fashion vision and immersion.

China Graduate Fashion Week launches 3D metaverse fashion show