The LYCRA Company to showcase Thermolite EcoMade fibre in Germany

Submitted by admin on 14 November 2022


The LYCRA Company, which develops innovative and sustainable fibre and technology solutions for the apparel industry, will present its Thermolite EcoMade fibres for batting and blown insulations at functional fabric fair Performance Days in Munich, Germany. The recycled Thermolite EcoMade fibres are made from 100 per cent textile waste, are GRS-certified, and offer the same quality and durable lightweight warmth as their polymer virgin counterparts but with a lower carbon footprint.

Every year 100 billion garments are produced and 85 per cent of these clothes end up in landfill, which is the equivalent of one garbage truck filled per second. The LYCRA Company’s new process takes fabric scraps from the cutting room floor that would have been sent to landfill or incinerated and transforms them into high performance insulation, according to a press release. In addition to its sustainability credentials, Thermolite EcoMade insulation delivers quality performance and durability for both the outdoor industry and everyday warm apparel. The novel recycling technology used is compatible with used garments as well as cutting room waste.

“What consumers want are sustainable warming solutions that perform,” explained Arnaud Ruffin, vice president of brands and retail at The LYCRA Company. “Constructed with functional, hollow fibres that last, for different activities and occasions, garments containing insulation made with Thermolite EcoMade fibres made from 100 per cent textile waste provide lightweight warmth for all activities and consumer needs, whilst addressing the need to move towards a circular economy.”

The LYCRA Company to showcase Thermolite EcoMade fibre in Germany