US' The LYCRA Company introduces Dual Comfort technology for denim

Submitted by admin on 5 September 2022


The LYCRA Company, a global leader in developing fibre and technology solutions for apparel and personal care industries, has introduced LYCRA Dual Comfort technology for denim at Bluezone in Munich. In addition fabric samples and garments made with LYCRA ADAPTIV fibre and other industry-leading denim fibres and sustainable solutions were also on display.

“Denim is our reliable companion all-day long – for work, leisure and after work. With LYCRA Dual Comfort technology, we now can have jeans made from sustainable fabrics that provide the freedom to move, with cooling comfort and moisture wicking properties - wherever we go, whatever we do,” said Silvia Toledo, senior strategic account manager, The LYCRA Company.

And as consumers are looking for denim that not only looks good but feels good and adapts to their shape, LYCRA ADAPTIV fibre is made from a revolutionary patent-pending polymer with a unique chemistry that adapts proactively to meet the wearer’s needs. At rest, the polymer adapts its holding force to provide the right fit, shape, and control. When in motion, the polymer adapts its elastic modulus to provide improved comfort and a second-skin effect that allows the garment to stay in place.

US' The LYCRA Company introduces Dual Comfort technology for denim