H&M introduces sustainable packaging solutions

Submitted by admin on 28 December 2020

Source: www.fibre2fashion.com

The H&M Group, a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company, has introduced a new multi-brand paper packaging system that is reusable and recyclable. With online shopping increasing worldwide and with that plastic waste, H&M feels a need to find solutions for sustainable packaging. The aim of this new solution is to reduce the risk of creating that waste.

In the fashion industry, plastic is one of the biggest challenges. It is not only used in synthetic materials such as polyester, but also in hangers, hang tags, single use shopping bags and polybags. When it comes to packaging, plastic is partly used to protect some products and prevent waste, which makes it even more challenging to replace. The question is: How can we prevent packaging from becoming waste itself and at the same time deliver top-quality products?

“We use valuable input from our customers to improve and we know that they are happy about receiving their orders in more sustainable packaging. At the same time, we are committed to reducing plastic throughout our business and value chain. That is why we will implement this packaging solution in all of our brands,” Lumikero said.


H&M introduces sustainable packaging solutions